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Independent Developers of Custom, Scalable, Affordable Mobile and Web Applications

Welcome to Unfriend Studios, an independent software vendor focused on the mobile and web application development needs of businesses with growing pains. We work mostly with startups, self-funded or crowd-funded ventures, small- to mid-sized young companies, and the like. Based in Cedar Park, TX, we bring to life the app visions of clients from California across the Gulf South and beyond. Our client list includes financial management, automobiles, creative networking, cargo transport and music streaming. At Unfriend Studios, we know firsthand what it means to grow a business, from all aspects—because it’s also our story.

After successfully co-launching two information technology companies, Unfriend Studios founder Beau Button decided to combine experience and expertise to focus specifically on the technological needs of nascent businesses. After all, who better understands how to build IT infrastructure for a startup, than the IT professionals of successful startups? The team Beau assembled to form Unfriend Studios in 2013 is grounded in the experience of small business development. We bring that empathy to every client project and treat the development of their ideas as if they were our own.

That’s the idea behind Unfriend Studios. We build software—mobile apps, web apps, and APIs—that make our client’s vision a reality today, and that grows with that vision for tomorrow. We believe that for every dream, there is an app. We make that app.

Unfriend Studios is built on a foundation of three pillars.



We are a small developer with a large regional reach. Our manageable size means that our right hand always knows what our left hand is doing. We’re a naturally synergistic team of complimentary expertise and experience, and we collectively develop and maintain close, well-informed client relationships. As a result, we know each other’s work well. Because we also understand the business of business, we can relate to our clients’ challenges—and build efficient, scalable, custom mobile and Web apps that address them.


In addition to our three years at Unfriend Studios, we bank on Beau’s over 15 years of successfully assisting small- to medium-sized businesses. We understand that to optimize contact with target publics, clients need a tailored message that meets them where they are. Platform matters as much as look and feel does when it comes to getting an app right. Unfriend Studios designs mobile and web apps to exceed expectations, and communicate our client’s message consistently throughout the user experience. Our record of experience, and a growing client roster, proves our point.


Our principal goal is always to increase our client’s IT scalability, and at the same time reduce infrastructural inefficiency and cost. A major component of the Unfriend Studios approach is innovatively leveraging cloud infrastructure to respond to our clients’ present needs as well as future goals. Our lean, responsive, distinctive apps for smartphones and/or web browsers,  and smart, secure APIs set our clients apart, enhance brand presence market-wide, and build customer loyalty. They also attract third-party collaboration.

If you have the idea for the next great app, for your business or another field, contact us. We can bring it to life, and help you bring it to market. Click here here to learn more, or to get started.