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API Development


Purpose-built REST API’s are vital for any mobile app. Let us assist with an API for exposing existing data. Our custom solutions provide complete answers to the back-end needs of your software.


What Is an API?


The acronym stands for Application Programming Interface. Applications have become well-known because of smartphones, but they are still essentially software, whether the individual app is a game, tool, or browser. The “programming interface” is the means by which programmers are able to interact with the application. If the programmer wants to collect information from the application, the API serves as a middleman between the two.


What Does the API Affect?


As the middleman, the API may only accept certain kinds of inquiry. The API determines how much a programmer can change and how the input needs to be formatted. Each application must be addressed with a language specific to that application. Like a White House Press Secretary, the API may only release certain information, and it may only use certain formats as output or responses.


Why the Middle Man?


Whether your data stores are connected to a social network or other databases, it is often necessary to give third parties a limited degree of access to that data. You cannot afford to compromise the security of your database or application by granting full access, but you can allow others to extract necessary data with a well-written API.

When programmers call (or create requests to) an API, the data in the response can be packaged in a way that makes it useful and convenient. To keep servers from being overwhelmed, there can be strict limits placed on the number of calls or requests sent to an API.


What are the Advantages?


By granting others limited access to your data, you open up the potential for others to help streamline processes. Third party developers are interested in building apps for businesses with open APIs. For example, inquiries to Google’s search API can be used to build an app that recommends search terms.

APIs are an essential part of developing mobile applications that connect with other databases. We also help develop web applications. For custom API development, contact the team at Unfriend Studios, LLC.