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Web Application Development


At Unfriend Studios, LLC, our custom web applications are designed with your specifications in mind. Our team is platform agnostic, and we can work as an extension of your existing team.


The Mobile App vs Web App Choice


When targeting mobile users, it’s worth considering whether developing a custom mobile application may be better for your audience. Since they do not have to be downloaded and stored on the phone, mobile websites have a number of advantages. Web applications are accessible to anyone with a browser, so they generally reach a wider audience and can be easily shared between friends. Web applications are more powerful since they are not limited by the available space and processing on the phone, but they do not allow for the immediate responsiveness you would expect from mobile apps like popular games.

Ultimately, the desired type of interaction will probably guide the choice. Do you want to create a user experience that is more like using a program or browsing a website? While there is a lot of overlap in capabilities, web applications grant new visitors easy access to a wide set of resources without the commitment of downloading a mobile app or finding it on their app store.


Desktop vs Mobile-Friendly Web Applications


Consider your target audience and whether they will likely try to access your application from their phone. Mobile searches have become increasingly popular since the rise of smartphones, and a responsive web application makes sure that they are able to smoothly interact with your system. A web application that has been designed exclusively on desktop computers may be illegible or impossible to navigate when accessed from a mobile device.

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